One Voice - Compassion For All

Management Team


Luz María Gómez G.

As Co-Founder and President, Ms. Luz María Gómez G is a great resource to the organization. She is on the front line in ensuring that the organization sticks to its core values.
She is a true reflection of commitment, love, and compassion. Her hard work coupled with her love for animals and children propels her to go the extra mile for the success of the organization. It was Luz María’s vision to involve children as the future generation to rescue and treat vulnerable animals. She is the lead promoter of the organization through social media and other channels. Luz María Gómez is also responsible for the adoption and the awareness program. Her passion takes her frequently to India where she is living her dream of tirelessly working for children and animals one-on-one. 


Pankaj Arora

As Co-Founder and Operations Field Director in India, his compassion and love for the vulnerable leads him to work on the cause to help helpless. One of Pankaj’s aims is to raise a compassionate and caring community by involving them in rescuing and helping animals. Pankaj Arora seeks to instill the values of empathy, respect, and sensitivity in the upcoming generation. He has been a great source of motivation and inspiration to the entire rescue team. His roles in the organization include responding to emergency calls offering treatment and care of the injured, ill, or neglected animals. Pankaj is also responsible for the execution of rescue plans, help coordinate adoptions, as well as to manage the sterilization program. His commitment is greatly influencing the success of GOAV.